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livnat giat painting

My name is Livnat Giat, an artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I was born and raised. 

Growing up in this vibrant yet complex country has deeply influenced my artistic journey.The combination of personal and national trauma, led me on a quest for a ‘safe place’ where conflict and war does not emerge. 

Over the years, I found that haven within my studio — a space where I can explore the inner workings of perception in relation to emotion, memory and imagination.

In my artistic practice, l am drawn to the power of simplicity. I seek to elevate the banal, breathing new life into everyday scenes and objects by transforming them into something unfamiliar yet captivating.

Using a combination of geometric forms and a dynamic interplay of transparent and bold colours, I create dreamlike scenes that blur the line between reality and imagination.

Through my art i aim to evoke a sense of wonder along side self-observation, inviting viewers to examine the beauty that lies within the ordinary and find comfort among our chaotic existence.



2004-2008   B.FA Visual Art Studies, Beit-Berl college, Israel


2000-2001    Interior Design studies, Ascola design school


1990-1993    Photography studies, Tichon Hadash High school

Solo Exibitions


2011   ‘Infomania’ Kiryat haomanim Gallery, Tivon, Israel


2009  ‘Multitude’ Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel



Group Exibitions


2009 ’Starter’ Eroni  Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel


2008   Graduate show, Beit-Berl college, Israel  






2008 Graduate with honours ,Beit-Berl college, Israel 





Leumi Bank collection 


Privat collections

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